By: Amy


Hi everyone!

I have been really busy! One thing I haven’t written about yet is volunteering at the Thrift Store – which I do every Wednesday. I usually do whatever they need help with, like sorting and making sure that all of the clothes are out of the donation bin. It is a very deep box, and I sort of have to dive to get all of it!

Our store is pretty small, and it is very nice. Usually if there is something that is stained or won’t sell at our thrift store, we put it in a bag to re-donate to another organization. One place in the store I like to work is the boutique area. That’s where fancy clothes go. I also like housewares, because sometimes you find interesting stuff like a Halloween statue or things that are valuable.

It’s cool when I volunteer because everybody knows my name and they are friendly all the time. We laugh a lot! Do you ever volunteer? What do you do?

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